How to build website and get awesome result

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March 2, 2016

Ok, seems you’re ready to start with your first or next project but you’re not confident what’s the best way? I’m here to explain it step by step. It’s easy if you follow it, believe guy who built hundreds of the web sites and apps.

#1.Don't put a budget on the first place

When client starting conversation with words – “Hey, how much will be to build e-commerce/blog/etc website” – it’s most important call for me. Client doesn’t want to get good result, he wants to get cheap result. At least i see it like that.

But idea is to focus on your main goal, not a budget. Most of freelancers have similar level of cost per hour or per project. BUT completely different skills and quality level. Interesting note – Chinese don’t use chinese cars, they prefer Japanese ones. So the idea is to use Japanese car many years instead of pay for maintenance and service works every month. At the result you save some money when getting good quality product.

#2.Think about your customers, not yourself.

It’s always odd to see from clients messages such “my CEO doesn’t like this close button and it’s positioning, he would prefer as in mockups”. But,  hey guys, what about usability? User experience? Ok…

Please PLEASE think about your customers and if you pay to expert for his job – trust his User Interface and User Experience expertise and let him do his job well.

It’s not ambitions, it’s just business and as i’m professional – sorry but i don’t want to build bad (read – inefficient) website just to make it awesome for your CEO.

#3.Make your project clear and transparent for you and your developer.

From time to time i have a clients who ask me just do task as i want. But right on the first revision round i got a lot of ideas from client – oh, i understand, we need to move it right, that one move down and build everything again better. 🙂

Make sure you can imagine your result, make it clear. It’s always easier to figure it out on the paper. Get a4 sheet and write down all your thoughts. Next try to list it. And at the final – define priorities.

#4.Split big project to the phases.

I always shocked when i’m getting >10 pages project description. From previous item you could notice that it’s important to make project clear on paper. But even more important – make description short and very transparent.

It’s always more accurate to estimate each phase of project than entire project at once. You know, developers love when requirements are precise.

#5.Set rules of the game together with your developer.

I just want to say – if you have some expectations (of course you have) – share it with your developer/designer. Let them know that your timeframe is 1 month or you want to have a skype calls everyday.

That’s important to set quantity of revision rounds as well. For big project usually enough 1-2 rounds. Be clear on this step as well – provide full and clear list of edits you would like to make. Don’t play with developer and don’t let him play with you. Fair play.

I’m interested to know your point of view – doesn’t matter who you are – developer or customer, design agency or CEO of the big company. Let’s discuss this topic to clarify everything and probably make edits in my post 🙂

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